AI-Powered Digital Identity

My Identity, My Ownership
My Identity, My Control


Thegana ID Features

Free for life

We won't charge end users to use TheganaID we won't show ads, we don't store any data and there's no catch.

Seamless And Easy Integration

Just install one of our ready to use plugins and you're good to go!

Tamper Proof Data Transmission

Tamper Proof Data Transmission

How can you use TheganaID

  • Onboard users in minutes

  • Effortlessly sign-in to websites and applications

  • Accept and verify information

What it needs

  • Step 1

    Create an account

  • Step 2

    Take a selfie photo

  • Step 3

    Take a photo of the ID

  • Step 4

    Generate digital identity

How it works

App generates a unique QR Code for each service providers and presents it.

An Individual or Corporate customer scan QR code to create or update KYC.

Integrated Service requests required information from the user.

If the user approves the request, relevant information is shared with the service provider.

If there is an update to the user information, the system will update the shared KYC platform for the decentralization process.

KYC process is completed. Service providers can store a record of the validation process and information for regulatory reporting and other business needs.

Why TheganaID

Facial recognition

ID validity check

Document OCR

Easy KYC requirements

Liveness check


  • 100x time saving

  • State of the art Security and Proof

  • Setup once, user as many times

  • Automated data entry

  • KYC in seconds

  • Customizable per business need

  • Your control access and data

  • KYC solution for any industry